Top 25 RSS Feed directory Submission Sites list 2015

Top 25 RSS Feed Submission Sites List RSS is “Rich Site Summary” or “Really Simple Syndication” , uses a family of standard web feed formats to publish frequently updated information: blog posts, photos, audio, news headlines, videos. RSS is great tool like bookmark. This RSS (Rich Site Summary) tool allow visitors to subscribe website or blog data. Readers can subscribe website or blog content for updates of the website or blog and They share this data to social networking sites. In Simple words RSS feed help to index our content in search engines.

Benefits of RSS feed submission or advantages of rss feed submission

RSS feed Create lots of free inbound one way link to website or blog. This is one of the offpage seo strategy to increase our website backlinks.

We will submit our site or blog content to rss directories once our site or blog approved by admin. Our content will be indexed very fast by search engines.

IF your rss feed post article title is good people will click on the the link to read the full article which will get more visits to your website. So, having a new update or post frequently will increase your traffic significantly.

We can submit RSS feed manually in RSS directory. manual submission is more effective as compare to software because we can give our own title and description.

there are somany Rss feed submission sites. Submitting your website or blog to all rss directories is not a good idea. Webmasters need to submit their rss feed to top directories. Top RSS directories will help you to get good visits and backlinks. Below is the list of Top 20 RSS feed submission sites which are high pr.

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Top 25 RSS Feed Submission Sites List : April 2015

1. TechnoRatiGoogle Page Rank – 8 Alexa Rank – 1683
2. URL FanGoogle PR: 6 Alexa Rank: 71451
3. RSS-NetworkGoogle Page Rank – 6 Alexa Rank – 35467
4. Ice Rocket Google PR: 5 Alexa Rank: 5569
5. CodangoGoogle PR – 5 Alexa Rank – 34598
6. Feeds4All Google PR: 5 Alexa Rank: 111069
7. 4GuysFromrollaGoogle Rank – 6 Alexa Rank – 60549
8. ReadABlog Google PR: 5 Alexa Rank: 55727
9. BlogDiggerGoogle PR – 6 Alexa Rank – 20968
10. Golden RSS Feed Google PR: 4 Alexa Rank: 43994
11. Feedgy Google PR: 4 Alexa Rank: 56902
12. PlazooGoogle PR – 6 Alexa Rank – 27555
13. FeedAgeGoogle Rank – 6 Alexa Rank – 8555
14. FeedSee Google PR: 5 Alexa Rank: 53388
15. Million RSS Google PR: 5 Alexa Rank: 41019
16. FeedAgg Google PR: 6 Alexa Rank: 14978
17. RSSMicroGoogle PR – 5 Alexa Rank – 35222
18. Solar Warp Google PR: 5 Alexa Rank: 104977
19. BlogHubGoogle PR – 5 Alexa Rank - 78419
20. rss-verzeichnisGoogle PR – 8 Alexa Rank - NA
21. realty-feedsGoogle Rank – 5 Alexa Rank – NA
22. newsisfreeGoogle Rank – 7 Alexa Rank – NA
23. syndic8Google Rank – 7 Alexa Rank – NA
24. moreoverGoogle Rank – 7 Alexa Rank – NA
25. FeedCatGoogle Rank – 6 Alexa Rank – 28023
Above is the list Top 25 RSS Feed directory Submission Sites 2015 with high pr. If you find any issues with the list please let us know. we will make the corrections.
updated on 9th july 2015

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